These book reviews reflect the opinions and writings of Jim Gleason, heart transplant recipient, author and book reviewer, and do not represent the views of TRIO or any of its members. If you are an author of a transplant related book and would like to submit your book for review consideration, send an e-mail request to and I promise you a prompt reply.
On the TRIO Bulletin Board, under the Transplant: Book Reviews forum, there are short descriptive summaries of many transplant books. Full reviews of these books are linked from those entries, but also listed here alphabetically to guide your transplant reading pleasure.
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Note: as of August 2012, this entire collection has over 150 transplant related books.


Keep in mind that the movies listed here run the full gambit of excellent to terrible, inspirational to horrific, from true stories to fiction that misrepresents the real transplant/donation process and life experience. Do not take their inclusion here as a recommendation, rather this is offered as a resource for anyone interested in the movie representation of organ transplant and donation. Proceed with caution and understand that the ratings offered are the personal views of this reviewer only.
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United Airlines

The TRIO/United Airlines Travel Program is a cooperative arrangement between TRIO and the United Airlines Charity Miles Program. It provides for transplant recipients, candidates, living donors and care-givers cost-free air transportation when travel is transplant-related.
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American Heart Association

217 E. Redwood St., 23rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone (410) 685-7074
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American Association of Kidney Patients

2701 N. Rocky Point Drive
Suite 150
Tampa,FL  33067
Phone:  813-636-8100
Toll-Free:  800-749-AAKP
Fax:  813-636-8122
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American Diabetes Association

1-800-DIABETES (800-342-2383) 

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National Kidney Foundation

1920 E. Riverside Dr.
Suite A-120 #202
Austin, TX 78741
Phone: 512-230-5655
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United Network for Organ Sharing

700 North 4th Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Phone:  804-782-4800
Fax:  804-782-4817
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United Tissue Resources

4300 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78756
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Other Resources

Here, we’ve compiled several links and resources that you may find helpful as you learn about other facets of donation, anatomical gifts and the precious gift of life.